This is going to sound silly, but...

Would you wash your hair with engine degreaser? Jump into the shower and scrub up with some oven cleaner? Take a nice relaxing bath in some antifreeze? I am sure that everyone would say “NO”! Well, unfortunately, most products on the market have ingredients in them that are the main ones found in engine degreasers, oven cleaners, brake fluid, and antifreeze.

Do you check the label on what you buy? Or do you just go for the product because it’s cheap or most popular. First off, some of the products are cheap for one reason – because the chemicals used to make them are cheap – but not necessarily healthy. My past buying habits were based on popular brand name, but when I learned what is used to make certain products, I decided to become informed!! Just because it’s expensive doesn’t mean it’s safe and that it works. In my research I have found that the cap on the bottle of the most expensive skin care products costs more than the ingredients that are in the product. What did you pay for? The marketing of the product, the bottles and jars that make it look so appealing, the magazine advertisements complete with a youthful looking model or well known celebrity who doesn’t even use the products. You have to charge a lot of money to pay all these people and do all these things. However, active ingredients not synthetic chemical fillers are what’s beneficial to the skin. The typical consumer thinks they are getting a great product, but because these active ingredients are expensive they don’t put in enough to have any real benefit for your skin and add inexpensive synthetic chemicals instead.

The scary part is these synthetic chemicals are used in so many products we inhale, swallow, and slather on our bodies, that we are having multiple exposures on a daily basis. Each of us now has several hundred synthetic chemicals in our bodies. The National Institute of Occupational Safety & Health reported that nearly 900 toxic chemicals are used in skincare & cosmetic products, most of which have not been tested for human health impact. Health and Cancer experts have indicated that mainstream cosmetic and hygiene products pose a higher risk of cancers to the general public than smoking. Even the President’s Cancer Panel released a landmark report in May of 2010 titled, Reducing Environmental Cancer Risk – What We Can Do Now, linking exposure to chemicals in our environment as the primary cause of cancer. As a result the panel suggests and emphasizes that it is vitally important to reduce exposure to chemicals and toxic substances.

Click here to learn more about some of the most used toxic ingredients that should be avoided.

Lotions are absorbed by your body faster than tablets. So if it’s NOT Kahania think twice the next time you are putting any sort of lotion, hand cream, face cream, or body wash on your body. Look at the ingredients – check this list – and find out what harm you are doing to your body!

While we would never knowingly expose, ingest, or inhale toxic synthetic chemicals many of us have it happening on an everyday basis. Knowledge is power! The skin is a living, breathing organ, in fact the largest organ in the human body that should be enhanced rather than inhibited and damaged. Learning to look for and eliminate the harmful ingredients in both your diet and beauty regime could make great improvements in both your appearance and well-being. Informed people make informed decisions. So take control of what you are exposing yourself too and make the change to Kahania! No synthetic chemicals only all natural active ingredients…. Change you life from the outside IN!