Girl! Quit shaving like you're living in the dark ages!

Forget falling over in the shower trying to stop your shave cream from rinsing off...

Screw dryness and needing gallons of lotion for time-consuming after-shave regimes....

And ditch smothering yourself with a toxic load of chemicals every time you reach for your reazor already...!  

You know you deserve better!

You need to switch to a smoother, easier shave my dear.

The good news is...

Kahania Shave Oil... does wonders for your hairy bits!

Feeling sleek and sexy doesn't need to be such a chore.  You can shave every inch of your delicate skin (if that's the look you're going for!) without as much as a nick, cut, bump, or burn ... when you use our silky secret to properly pampered skin.

Kahania Natural Shave Oil... Soft on bikini lines.  Tough on bank for your buck!

Our dreamy natural shave oil is a unique find.  Why?  Not only do you get a chemical-free shave mist that'll have you gliding your way to irresistibly soft skin surfaces... but you'll also get a deep and nourishing moisturizer that continues to pamper your skin after you've shaved.  Heck save a step and even use it for the areas you don't shave.  No need for extra lotion!

You'll save on the hassle of after-shaving regimes... 

...and some spare change too!

Why Kahania Shave Oil is a girl's best friend for sexy smooth skin:

  • Not a gross toxic chemical in it!
  • Naturally antibacterial
  • Deep skin nourishment and restoration of damaged cells
  • No greasy residue
  • No pore blocking with unhealthy gunk
  • No need to apply more lotion after use
  • Safe and effect for daily use
  • Eliminate nicks, cuts, razor burn and bumps
  • This easy shave oil won't wash off in the shower
  • No icky aclohol-induced skin dryness
  • Super smooth razor gliding (what fun!)
  • PH balanced to keep you in tip-top shape inside and out
  • Your 4 oz bottle can last up to 3 months!!
  • No clogged up razors to clean out
  • It's clear so you can actually see what you're shaving
  • And did I mention NO SYNTHETIC CHEMICALS

Let's get real for a moment here...

Did you know that regualr shave creams are made with the grossest combination of toxic chemicals that wreak havoc with your health? No?

Do you ever get nasty dry flakey skin afer shaving?

Or notice the strongly perfumed scents of some of your every day products?

Well, here's why...

You might be surprised to discover that many body care products like shave creams and moisturizers are made from an awful cocktail of some of the most damaging substances known to womankind!  Which is why it's oh, so important to read your labels and choose, natural, skin-friendly products for your beauty regimes.

Just look at this frightening list of common 'beauty' product ingredients:

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) &

Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES)

These toublemakers mimc estrogen (not good for us ladies) and contain known carcinogens like formaldehyde, dioxane, ethylene oxide, and acetaldehyde - commonly used in floor cleaners and engine degreasers - yikes!

Propylene Glycol

Pretty much industrial antifreeze.  The Material & Safety Data Sheet warns to avoid contact with skin... need I say more!?

Triethanolamine (TEA)

An emulsifying agent that can irritate the skin and contains nitrosamines, commonly linked to cancer.  Horrid horrid horrid!

Mineral Oil

Not in fact a moisturizer!  Far from something nourishing to your skin, this is a carcinogenic by product of petroleum.  It dissolves the skin's own natural oil and increases dehydration resulting in premature skin aging!


Used as a propellant and has been linked to cancer in lab tests.


An endocrine disrupting chemical (EDC) and suspects breast cancer carcinogen. Stay away!


A chemical antibacterial agent that's been listed as 'bad' for septic and natural water systems.


A preservative to extend shelf life of a product, which also mimics estrogen.  It's a controversial ingredient with many reports of it's dangerous side effects.  It is a compound that has been found intact within breast cancer tissues.

Girl... be good to yourself.

So now you know what to watch out for on labels and why it's so so important to take care of your body by lathering it in only the purest natural ingredients!

Treat that beautiful body with the care it deserves.  Look and feel amazing by staying clear of the crap you find on the pharmacy shelf that's pumped full of highly toxic chemicals that are nowhere near fit to put on your delicate skin!

Screw razor burn!

Tell dryness to take a hike!

Save time!

Save stress!

Save your hard earned cash!

Look and feel better than ever!

Keep it natural girl!

Stay Smooth

...with Kahania Shave Oil