Make money while changing your life and the lives of those you care about!

In addition to making a positive healthier change in your skincare, let’s talk about making a positive change in your bank account. Get paid to make a positive change in people’s lives by teaching them a healthier way to do skincare. Unlike jewelry or home décor items these are products your customers use on a daily basis.  They will always need them and you!

Just because the products are all natural doesn’t mean they have to be expensive.  Products are priced similar or in some cases less than mass-market products making a healthy change affordable for everyone. Since there are no chemical fillers a little goes a long way.  So products last a long time making them an economically healthier choice.

We are putting the profits for everyday products in your pocket versus the big box chain stores.

Live the Kahania Lifestyle!  Secure what you’ve always wanted! A new car, new career, spending money, financial freedom, more time with your family….  What ever you are looking for Kahania can be your answer! With up to 35% compensation in personal sales, Fast Start Promotion Bonuses, Management Bonuses, Leadership Promotion Bonuses, and Generation Overrides the Kahania Home Based Business Opportunity can be your ticket to financial freedom.

Here’s how you earn

Parties per weekHours per weekAverage party saleAdditional monthly income
1 2** $900* $1260
2 4 $900* $2520
3 6 $900* $3780

* Based on current party average  ** Average party length 2 hours

That’s just your individual sales!  Build a team and earn more by helping them succeed! So regardless of whether you are looking to just make some extra money or start a full-time lucrative home based business opportunity, Kahania can be your answer!

Make a positive change in your life, Contact your Kahania Independent Consultant or us today!

  • You won’t get nickel and dimed on having to purchase all the additional selling aids.  Marketing materials available in PDF format or online.  Gives you the freedom to print as you go eliminating a lot of upfront and ongoing cost.
  • NO annual renewal fee…. that’s usually in the fine print of other companies
  • Free website
  • Work when you want, set your own hours

Start making a positive change in your life and the lives of others! Contact your Independent Kahania Consultant today to get started!