Have fun with family and friends while sharing a natural synthetic chemical free way to do skincare. The skin is a living, breathing organ, in fact the largest organ in the body. It should be enhanced rather than inhibited and that’s what Kahania products do! Packed with 100% Active Ingredients and no chemical fillers. Kahania products are free from Sulfates, Phthalates, Dimethicone, Petrolatum, Parabens, Surfactants, Artificial Colors, Fragrances and Harsh Chemical Preservatives! Introduce those you care about to a healthier way to do skincare and earn free products in the process!

It’s fun and easy!

Your Kahania Independent consultant will be there every step of the way to help maximize your opportunity so you receive the highest level of free product.

Free is the best price, especially when you are having fun and you love the products.

Pick your favorite items and add them to your wishlist account online. Check the chart below and work with your Kahania Independent Consultant to determine how to earn everything free.

As a hostess here’s how you win!

Free is the magic word with Kahania!

As a thank you for hosting a party you will automatically receive a free 2 oz bottle of Kahania Shave Oil when your party hits $250 and if your party goes over $500 you will receive the hostess promotional product of the month.  

You also have the opportunity to earn credits towards more free product! For every $50 in retail sales you will receive $5 in product credit.

Plus you earn additional product credits for additional party bookings from your family and friends as a result of your party, one $5 product credit per person that books a party that night with your Kahania consultant.

For example:

Party TotalFree Product CreditFree Items*
$250 $25 1 Free 2oz Bottle Shave Oil
$500 $50 1 Free 2oz Bottle Shave Oil & Hostess Promotional Product of the Month
$1000 $100 1 Free 2oz Bottle Shave Oil & Hostess Promotional Product of the Month

Also, if you host a second party you will receive a BONUS $10 product credit to be used at your next party!

If you love the products like we do and you like getting FREE things contact your Independent Kahania consultant today or contact us to learn more.