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Organic Shave Mist - Kahania Natural
Organic Shave Mist - Kahania Natural
Organic Shave Mist - Kahania Natural

Organic Shave Mist

Girl! Quit Shaving like you're living in the dark ages!

Kahania was born out of my search for a decent shave!   

I'd had it with skin irritation, razor burn, dryness, nicks, cuts and bumps so I decided to investigate into these so called shaving products since they weren't getting me the results they promised.

That's when I uncovered the toxic ingredients hiding on our shelves!

Did you know that shave cream and gels are more acidic than acid rain! And some of the chemicals are used to clean car engines and garage floors? WHAT?! And here we are smearing this stuff all over our bodies wondering why our skin isn't looking and feeling great and having shaving issues. When we shave Micro-abrasions occur providing an ideal entry for any toxic chemicals directly into the bloodstream.

I decided to make a change and develop a whole new way to shave focused on women.  All the products women have for shaving are repackaged shave creams and gels originally developed for men's faces.  Ladies our shaving needs are much different.  We aren't just shaving a face we are shaving large delicate areas with a lot of nooks and crannies.  On top of that shave cream and gels just aren't conducive to use in the shower.  What good are they if they wash off?  Not to mention the balancing act it requires to try and prevent it is a huge pain... or could literally be a physical pain if you fall.

Out of this Kahania Shave Mist was born and answered all my shaving problems.  It doesn't wash off in the shower and actually nourishes the body instead of destroying it.  It changed my life and those of Kahania customers too. It is our flagship product and used by women all across the country and abroad.

  • Comes in 3 sizes, 4 oz, 2 oz for traveling, or BUNDLE and SAVE $ with the 3 Pack!
  • Made with Organic Ingredients and no synthetic chemical, only nature, so safe for you and the environment
  • No more rust stains on your tub or in your shower
  • One 4 oz bottle can last as long as 3 months - for the average shaver 
  • So moisturizing it can also double as an in shower spray moisturizer - it gives superior hydration and velvety skin
  • Get deep skin nourishment and restoration of damaged cells
  • No greasy residue on skin and doesn't clog razor
  • Won't wash off in the shower so no more balancing acts, SIMPLY SPRAY, SHAVE THEN DONE!
  • No icky alcohol-induced skin dryness
  • Super smooth razor gliding (what fun!)
  • PH balanced to keep you in tip-top shape inside and out
  • Vegan Paraben-FREE Phthalate-FREE Gluten-FREE No Synthetic Chemicals
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Never tested on our animal friends