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Fountain of Youth Facial Mask

Fountain of Youth Facial Mask

Remember what your skin felt like when you were ten years old? Well you will after using this nutrient packed facial mask.

  • Regardless of skin type from, acne, dry, oily or combination this facial mask helps balance any skin type
  • Packed with everything your face needs to keep skin healthy and youthful
  • Not only will the external layers of your skin gain all the essential nutrients, it will also receive antioxidants which are invaluable to the healing of your skin
  • It will most certainly leave your skin far smoother and softer than before giving you that youthful feel and look
  • It is packed with essential oils that smooth, hydrate, and re-nourish damaged skin.  Once you try it you will be hooked!  That's what we hear from anyone who has.
  • Fun rollerball application to cover all the corners of your face
  • Vegan Paraben-FREE Phthalate-FREE Gluten-FREE No Synthetic Chemicals
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Never tested on our animal friends